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Get Help

If you are in an emergency, CALL 911. 

If you or someone you know is in a violent relationship, please call

(479)968-3110 to reach our 24-hour confidential hotline. We are always available to talk about your situation, offer emotional support, provide referrals to community resources, help develop a safety plan, and aid you in safely escaping violence. 

Not ready to speak with someone? Read through the information provided on this site. We will be here when and if you're prepared to reach out. 

Quick References 

Information on Domestic Violence:

A Complete List of Our Services: 

24/7 Crisis Hotline: 

Email for Help: 

Find Help 

Plan for Your Safety

Need safety resources while isolated in your home?

Take our questionnaire and create a safety plan that works for you. 

These online resources are a helpful way to navigate the process of finding help and staying safe. 

Get Shelter, Talk to Someone

Call our 24/7 Crisis Line: (479)968-3110

The River Valley Shelter Crisis Line is answered by trained advocates who provide support and referrals for individuals who are: 

  • In need of an Emergency Shelter 

  • In a Domestic Violence Situation and don't know what to do 

  • Looking for general legal information or referrals 

  • Looking for resources to find safe housing options 

  • In need of someone to talk to 

Don't have access to a telephone? You can reach our trained Crisis Resource Advocates at Please note that replies via email may not be immediate. If you need an immediate reply, please contact us via our hotline. 

The option to text 911 is also available in some areas of Arkansas. 

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