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River Valley Outreach

River Valley Outreach

River Valley Outreach is a service of the River Valley Shelter for Battered Women & Children. Our Office provides free, confidential services to survivors of intimate partner violence who either do not need shelter or clients who have exited a residential program in an effort toward working with survivors to plan for their safety, obtain protective orders, and access supportive and practical services. 

Research Indicates that safety planning and community resources are the best ways to support survivors of domestic violence; therefore, we provide services to help increase safety planning strategies, further understanding of abusive behaviors, and create opportunities for healing. 

General Services 

General Services

  • Individual advocacy to address safety planning, explore personal options, and provide education about domestic violence 

  • Providing education about domestic violence, education on building healthy coping strategies, and helping to create opportunities for community connection 

  • Support for friends and family members whose loved ones are experiencing domestic violence 

  • Consultation/on-site advocacy for community partners who have clients experiencing domestic violence 

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Community Workshops

Community Workshops 

The River Valley Shelter Outreach Program advocates offer workshops in the community to increase awareness of domestic violence and provide ways for friends, family, and co-workers to support those experiencing abuse. Workshops are offered to professionals, faith-based communities, community groups, and others interested in learning about domestic violence. We are happy to tailor a presentation to meet the needs of your audience.

The River Valley Shelter also offers youth workshops focusing on healthy relationships and identifying unhealthy behaviors. These workshops are geared toward ages five and up! 

For more details on our workshops, click here! 

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Drop-In Advocacy

Drop-in advocacy for people in need of domestic violence support services is available at The River Valley Shelter's Outreach office. The office is inside our nonprofit store, The Thrift Store, at 1509 E Main Street, Russellville, AR, the same location as Price Break and Brangus Steakhouse. 

No Appointment Required. 

The Outreach office will be open to drop-in advocacy appointments on an as-available basis during business hours: 

Tuesday through Saturday from 9 AM - 5 PM 

With increased demand and busy advocate schedules, drop-ins are not always guaranteed. You can call our office at (479)219-5148 for more information or to see if you can be seen that day. 

During this time, an advocate can provide safety planning, resources, referrals, and other immediate assistance. 

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Employment Assistance

The Outreach Office advocates can provide support with job searches, building resumes and cover letters, and assisting with job applications. 

Returning to work or finding a new career path can be an essential piece of healing after leaving an abusive relationship. The Outreach Office advocates are available to help with job applications, resume writing, interview prep, paperwork, and more. 

How to Enroll 

Call The Outreach Office at (479)219-5148

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Housing Program

The River Valley Shelter began working on a Housing Program when it was seen that clients were re-entering homelessness or shelters due to their inability to gain safe housing after shelter. Our program soon recognized a gap in client assistance, and a separate program with staff dedicated to meeting this deficit in support for our clients was quickly established. 

The intersection of Housing and Domestic Violence: Why are we here? 

The importance and necessity of The River Valley Shelter's Housing Program can be illustrated in these statistics: 

  • Studies show that 57% of all homeless women report domestic violence as the immediate cause of their homelessness 

  • One in four US women has experienced violence by a partner at some point in her life 

  • 38% of all domestic violence victims become homeless at some point in their lives 

  • 56% of unmet requests from domestic violence programs were for housing 


The River Valley Shelter and the Outreach Office do not currently own property or housing units to place survivors into. Our services are based on Case Management/Advocacy in order to work alongside survivors in their journey to gain sustainable, independent housing. We also provide limited financial assistance for services that will support survivors in obtaining housing. 

The Outreach Office is able to provide wrap-around supportive services to our Housing Clients by connecting them with other River Valley Shelter Programs to provide services for clients needs. 

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How to Enroll: 

In order to access services from the Outreach Offices Housing Program, applicants can contact our outreach advocate, Linda, for more information about the housing program. 

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