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Violence Prevention & Education

Training Opportunities

The River Valley Shelter Education and Outreach Team provided the community with information on how to recognize domestic violence, support survivors, hold abusive people accountable, and connect survivors with relevant resources for their healing journey. 

  • See our upcoming events and training by checking out our Events Calendar here. 

  • We offer various trainings (ranging from 60-90 minutes) for groups and organizations. 

    • Training can be shortened or lengthened depending on the organization's or group's needs. ​

    • Special requests for presentations can always be requested. Please email our outreach advocate if you have a special request for a presentation. ( 

    • Examples of Training offered: 

      • Domestic Violence 101
      • Child Abuse 
      • All About Safety Planning ​
      • College Age Domestic Violence

      • Understanding Domestic Violence within the LGBTQIA+ Community 

Contact Us! 

Email ​The River Valley Shelter Staff at or call (479) 968-3110 if you have any questions regarding resources or getting help for yourself or someone you know who is experiencing domestic violence. 

You can also email our Outreach Advocate, Zoe Merritt, at if you have any questions regarding outreach and training opportunities. 

Visiting Schools and Day Care Facilities

Visiting Schools and Day Care Facilities 

As educators for our shelter residents and their children and our community, we play a crucial role in shaping student learning and behaviors. 

An overwhelming statistic from Love is Respect explains that one in three adolescents is a victim of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse from a dating partner. By letting our trained, state-qualified advocates enter classrooms, we can engage in the opportunity to have meaningful conversations around violence prevention. 

Our lessons are created with materials that can have a tremendous impact on how students understand healthy relationships and learn to recognize what is unhealthy and abusive behavior. 

It is our hope that by visiting classrooms and day care classrooms and distributing our lessons and additional materials to students that we are helping to create a new culture, one with zero-tolerance for violence, and can ensure future generations are better equipped to break the cycle. 

If you have any questions or would like to speak with the Education and Outreach team, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to helping you and your students create a community free from violence, where all are safe and can live productive and healthy lives. 

Our Outreach Advocate, Zoe Merritt, would be happy to discuss different lesson plans with you. Her email is

Pop-Up Advocacy

Pop-Up Advocacy 

Are you experiencing relationship abuse and need support? You are not alone. We're here for you with: Pop Up Advocacy. 

Pop Up Advocacy is run through our Outreach Office in an effort to sustain safety by expanding our reach and connecting with the community as a whole. Pop Up Advocacy is a new initiative focused on bringing safety resources and advocacy services to those who need our help. 

Whether you are in need of help creating a safety plan or finding resources for filing Protective Orders, our advocates are here for you every step of the way come meet with our welcoming advocates and discover how we can help you find the safety and security you deserve. 

Reach out to us with any questions or for more information! 

(479)968-3110 |

Help us spread the word!

Pop-Up Advocacy Is: 

  • Connections to other community resources 

  • An opportunity to connect with an advocate 

  • A space to work 1:1 with an advocate to plan for safety 

  • An opportunity for anyone to ask questions about domestic violence support services and options 

  • Intended for short-term goals, specific needs 

Pop-Up Advocacy Is Not: 

  • Direct Order of Protection/Harassment Restraining Order Support 

  • Continual Advocacy, as advocates will rotate 

  • A guaranteed entry into The River Valley Shelter 

  • A legal advocacy program or law clinic 

  • Licensed mental health counseling o treatment 

  • Direct Intervention/Interruption of Violent Incidents

Want to learn more about Domestic Violence? 

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